The Evolution of Medical Ethics

Jewish Collection

The Jewish Collection

The Jewish collection was an effort on the part of August Hirt to create a skeleton collection of Jews in order to prove the superiority of the Nordic or Aryan race.

August Hirt selected 115 people: 79 Jewish men, 30 Jewish women, 2 Poles, and 4 "Asians"--Soviet P.O.Ws.

These people were given a fake physical examination and then were immediately gassed. The bodies were sent to Hirt who resided at the Strasbourg University Hospital. Here, Hirt began to deflesh and examine the bodies in preparation for a skeleton collection.

Hirt was later captured, and French troops discovered his skeleton collection. Many were unprocessed corpses, some were processed and a few that had been defleshed. The faces of these corpses were burned off in order to prevent identification.

Dr. Hirt and a corpse: