The Evolution of Medical Ethics

Sea Water

Sea Water Experiment

The sea water experiments were held at Dachau, like most of the other military experiments.

The purpose of this experiment was to test several different ways to make sea water drinkable through a variety of desalinization processes.

In the experiment, there were 44 experimental subjects who were subject to four different test groups: no water, sea water, sea water processes by the Berka method, sea water without salt. In order to gather data, the subjects were given either liver or spinal cord punctures.

Many of the subjects who received some type of sea water ended up suffering excruciating torture, diarrhea, convulsions, hallucinations, foaming at the mouth, and in most cases, madness or death.

This experiment was extremely brutal and terrible for those who participated in them, not only because of the effects they suffered, but also because they received no food or any other rations throughout the experimental process.

The main experimenter was Dr. Wilhelm Beiglboeck.

This is an image of a gypsy forcibly given a sea water injection.