The Evolution of Medical Ethics


Malaria Experiment

Over 1,084 inmates were subjects in the experiments about malaria. These experiments were help from February 1942 until April 1945.

Inmates who were considered to be healthy were deliberately infected with malaria-infected mosquitoes, or were injected with malaria-infected blood.

Doctors would purposefully maintain the strain of malaria by deliberately injecting malaria into 3-4 patients so it would remain in their blood.

The malaria experiments directly caused thirty deaths, while three to four hundred died due to complications as a side effect of malaria.

Testimony of Father Leo Miechalowski
from Doctors from Hell, by Vivien Spitz

Witness Miechalowski:
Somewhat later, I don't exactly recall, two or three weeks, I had my first malaria attack.
All of a sudden my heart felt like it was going to be torn out. I became insane. I completely lost my language-- my ability to speak. This lasted until evening.

Testimony of August H. Vieweg
from Doctors from Hell, by Vivien Spitz

Witness Vieweg:
I was used for malaria experiments by Professor Dachfinney at Dachau concentration camp.
On five occaisons I recieved injections of five cubic centimeters of highly infectious malaria blood.
Quite often I ran a very high temperature. I got into a very exhausted condition, and after the injection, I recieved large doses of medical drugs, quinine, ephedrine, and many others. I was in bed for weeks, and after one treatment there were twenty to twenty sex occaisions in the course of the years, 1943, 1944, 1945 and 1946 when I had malaria attacks, so that for a long time I was unable to work.