The Evolution of Medical Ethics


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The Holocaust is one of the most atrocious acts of genocide known in the 20th Century. Millions of Jews were murdered and killed in order to fulfill the misguided dream of the German Nazis.

Several dozen concentration camps were built in order to house displaced Jews and serve as prison, labor, or death camps. When we think of concentration camps we often do not realize that the atrocities committed include the medical experiments that Nazi doctors performed on human subjects. These experiments were brutal and disgusting and violated every known human ethics code of the time.

I have chosen to focus on these medical experiments in order to examine how medical ethics have developed in the 20th century. I am tentatively pursuing a career in medicine and I am interested in the development of medical ethics as it is a subject that will apply to my life.

I have chosen to examine The Hippocratic Oath, which was the first codified ethics guide and can be found within these pages. Then I have chosen to look at different types of experiments and their locations in the concentration camps, as well as several doctors who have been known to be involved with these horrible experiments. Finally, I have chosen to look at the Nuremberg Code, which is the codified experimental ethics code that was produced from the trial of the doctors involved with the experiments. Hopefully, you will be able to see the change from the different ethics code due to the experiments shown.

Thank you for visiting the site, and I hope that it is an informative look on some of the most atrocious acts in the 20th century.

Elizabeth Yin
Rice University

About the Site

This site was built as a final research project requirement for the class, GERM 125: Between Resistance and Collaboration. Over the course of the Spring 2007 semester, the class has extensively covered many topics about World War II, Nazism, and the Holocaust. This project served as an outlet for curiosity as all students were allowed to choose the subject matter. This website covers the topic of Nazi human experimentation during World War II and its effect on medical ethics. The site was built using Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 with the help of numerous tutorials, time, and practice.

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This website contains graphic images. Please do not continue if you will be uncomfortable viewing some of the atrocities committed during the Nazi medical experiments.