OWL-Space CCM Maintenance Schedule

In order to more timely perform routine maintenance, we have implemented a weekly Maintenance Window for OWL-Space. Regularly scheduled maintenance periods are Wednesdays between 5am and 7am.

Most weeks, only minor maintenance will be needed, resulting in owlspace only being unavailable for a few minutes for weekly server restarts. 

Please keep this maintenance window in mind when scheduling due dates for assignments or quizzes. Notices about upcoming downtimes outside of the maintenance window will be posted to the Message of the Day area.

If you are attempting to access OWL-Space during this window, you will be redirected to a webpage indicating that the site is unavailable. In order to avoid losing your session information and any unsubmitted data, please log off OWL-Space before the beginning of a maintenance window.

Please note: Upgrades and other major maintenance will need a larger window and notices will be posted for these outages well in advance. Unless it is an emergency, these longer outages will be scheduled during semester breaks.