About OWL-Space Collaboration and Course Management

OWL-Space is a virtual workspace designed to promote teaching and learning, as well as collaboration between members of the Rice University Community. The goal of OWL-Space is to bring together services that will enhance the professional activities of Rice faculty, students and staff.

These services include:

1. Collaboration and Course Management Systems [CCM]
2. Instructional Media Management Systems [IMM]
3. On-line personal workspace


The Collaboration and Course Management (CCM) section of OWL-Space is powered by Sakai. The Sakai software is part of the Sakai Project, an R&D project for creating open source collaborative tools for use in learning, research, and other types of distributed group work.

Within the CCM section of OWL-Space instructors, researchers, and students will find a set of tools that will help them create websites for collaboration and course management. Using a web browser, users choose from a set of features to create a site that meets their needs.

Here are some examples of websites possible to create in the CCM section of OWL-Space: