Generic Bioc 115 syllabus

Regularly scheduled meetings:

Meeting 1 Introductions, course overview, background lecture

Meeting 2 Discuss introduction and methods of research article #1.

Meeting 3 Discuss results, discussion, and implications of research article #1.

Meeting 4 Discuss research article #2. Prepare for featured lab tour.

Meeting 5 Tour laboratory featured in research article #1. Meet the authors!

Meeting 6 Screen and discuss the documentary "Naturally Obsessed".

Meeting 7 Tour instructor's research laboratory.

Special meetings outside of class time:

Seminar (Self-schedule based on available seminar times)

Tour a Texas Medical Center biology department.


History - Bioc 115 was piloted in the fall of 2006 with two sections taught by the course organizer. Since its inception, hundreds of Bioc 115 students have toured laboratories at Rice and elsewhere in the Texas Medical Center. Many Bioc 115 alumni go on to participate in undergraduate research projects during their time at Rice and beyond. We've come full circle. Bioc 115 students who studied the scientific discoveries of others are now at the forefront of discovery themselves!

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Bioc 115 is cross-listed as FSEM 115 and eligible for Natural Sciences D3 distribution credit.

Bioc 115 is a part of Reading to Research, a project designed to lead students from the scientific literature to participation in laboratory research. It was developed with support from an HHMI Professor grant awarded to Bonnie Bartel.